Week #12 100 Word Challenge

this weeks prompt is: … we seemed to be on the television…

goal: writing exactly 100 words.

Last night we seemed to be on television because my favorite TV show was on: Bob’s Burgers. It seemed to be very funny and we were laughing so much. I couldn’t stop laughing so much. Well it wasn’t that funny for my mum and dad. But my brothers and me were laughing so much that we could not stop. It was like I was watching the funniest TV show I have ever seen. The TV show was not that funny to me but I still could not stop laughing.

8 thoughts on “Week #12 100 Word Challenge

  1. to elina
    hi elina its lucinda
    u r one of my best friends but rubys my best best best friend a
    anyway i forgive you because you talked to llama im sorry as well and i hope you forgive me! 🐶🍪😉

  2. HELLO ELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀 Plz leave me a comment and btw I ♥ed ur story. It was sooooooooo weird! but in a very very very good way!!!😀😉😎

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