About Camp Wyuna!

On Monday, the 3/4’s were at the front of the school ready to go to Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff. The 3/4’s went because it might be an experience for when you get older, you might go to a camp for even longer.

Once we got there, the camp staff told us a lot about what they do at camp Wyuna and what it use to look like there. I was in the stingrays for my activity group. Also the people in my cabin were Izzie W, Tilly and Ruby.

In my first activity, I went to the Marine Freshwater Discovery Centre (MFDC), when we got there, we got to touch what was in the rock-pool. I touched the starfish, sea-cucumber and the abalone.

The second activity we did was mountain biking, we rode for 4 and a half km. When we rode back we rode on the road.

After that, we got to have free-time till dinner. For dinner, I had a vegetable bake which was OK, but I liked the bit of corn. For dessert, I had chocolate pudding with ice-cream.

After dinner, we had a movie night, we watched Monster University. After the movie, I went to bed to sleep because I was really tired.

 In the morning, I quickly woke up and got dressed before Candice came to see if the people in my cabin were done. When the breakfast bell rang, I ran down to where my group was sitting to wait to go into the Recreation Hall. For breakfast, I had pancakes with butter and apple cordial to drink.

After breakfast, the first activity was nature’s pizza oven. In my pizza, I put tomato sauce, olives and cheese.

For the second-last activity, we went to the team initiatives course to do some activities. We had to balance for 5 seconds on the whale watcher. We also went around an obstacle course and I went on the rock-climbing wall. The last activity was beach survivor. The first game we played was we had to dig a hole and get to the other side under a plank without touching out. The second one was the relay where we had to jump over someone who pretends to be a rock and go under someone who pretends to be a bridge and run around someone who pretends to be a tree and run back to your team. The last activity was build a castle with the walls the same height.

For dinner, I had spaghetti bolognese and for dessert I had apple crumble with ice-cream. After dinner, We had a disco and Candice was the DJ.

For the last day, the whole camp walked to the Queenscliff and saw the big ship that goes to Sorrento.


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Sentence Fluency

I went to the park and played on the swings. After, I jumped on the trampoline and played with the other kids and got really dirty, so I went home to change.

Exercise is good for you and gives you energy. Exercise is way to work off stress and can make your body stronger. Also, everyone should exercise.


            What Had Gone Wrong!

…when did it arrive? I said.

One day I stayed home and there was a strange knock on our front door. Who is it? I say to myself. The door wasn’t locked and a robber/thief came running in and stealing all my stuff down my stairs. “What is going on!” I shouted to the whole universe.

“I here to steal all your stuff,” said the thief/robber.

I started to run out my lungs to my death to get away from this disaster so this bad thief/robber will get away from me.

I just hate that thief!

Week#35 (18) 100 Word Challenge

…However she couldn’t believe what she had done…

Ella couldn’t believe what she had done to her friend Zoe. She wrote in her notebook that she hates Zoe now. She was going to have a play-date with her and every time Zoe comes she needs to see Ella’s notebook because it is secret for only Ella and Zoe. This is going to be a big big big DISASTER! NO! She had to rip her favorite page out of all of her favorite pages and she wants to cry herself out of her lungs. “I am going to be so mad!”

100 Word Challenge Week#36 (18)

`On a cloudy day, in the middle of a familiar town there was a kind of licorice- gun and it came out of nowhere. “Mum, that is so cool, said Eloise, ” It is so funny because it looks like a licorice-gun.”

Eloise’s mum said,” It does look cool, I like it as well because of what you said.”

They came to this town just to see this licorice-gun.After Eloise and her mum came to see this type of weird gun Eloise wanted to go to the shops o buy something to eat because Eloise was really hungry.

To be continued…

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

“Mum I’m injured from this spiky stuff and its everywhere,” screamed Elina. Mum took me to the doctor to have a look at the injured spots. They put a band aid on to it so it stopped bleeding. After I got home it started stinging!

“Arrggghhh, these injured spots are really stinging and I really really hate it. Also its very annoying and disgusting” screamed Elina.

After mum came, dad came as well. Mum and dad felt very sorry for me so thats okay. It made me very happy.

The next day it automatically went away. To be continued…………


Its cruel to keep animals in cages!!

I strongly believe that its cruel to keep animals in cages because they’ll have nowhere to walk around, and they’ll get stuck in dirty cages and its not safe for them.

My first reason is that they’ll have nowhere to go. And the cages have no air to breathe in if their in tiny cages and its also very very useless.

My second reason is the cages can get very dirty and all the animals can get dirty as well. Also animals are sensitive and not like staying in cages very much.

My third reason is that its not that healthy for animals to always get kept in a tiny cage and not walk around.

That’s why its bad and cruel to keep birds in cages.

Books are Better than T.V.!

I strongly believe that that books are better than T.V. because it helps you learn from what you are reading.

My first reason is that books can be entertaining and one day when I was reading I found it very entertaining when I was reading my book.

My second reason is that books can be interesting for some people because they might think this books is interesting or another book is a lot more interesting than another book.

My third reason is that they’re fun and gives people a lot and a lot more useful information to help you learn from what you are reading and find facts. Also if you read it will give you ideas if you’re writing a narrative or any piece of writing. You can also find informative to share with others.

That’s why I think books are much more better than T.V.