Week #5 (20)

On day, when my mum drove me to the Chadstone shopping centre, I looked out the window and I saw this weird looking sculpture. First of all, it looked like a really tall man, but its head was faced up like it was looking at the sky, I asked my mum why there’s this weird sculpture. She said she didn’t know, so I said never mind and told her to keep driving. As we got nearer to the shopping centre, I saw another sculpture. It was the same one. I keep asking my mum why we have sculptures, but she still didn’t know.


Prompt- Avocado  Bones  Purple  Elephant  Seahorses

The day before my dance internationals competition, my mum made me go to the grocery store and buy an avocado, so I said yes. But then the next day when I had dinner, I was eating honey chicken, so when I try to spit the bones out, my throat starts to tickle. 

It was a boring old Monday morning, when a new teacher arrived at our school, her name was Ms Allison. She was wearing a pretty purple dress with seahorses printed on it and elephants printed on her leggings. It looked really unusual. 


100 word challenge

Prompt- as I turned my head, the world spun…

As my mum drove me to futsal training, I realised that I didn’t have my bag with me, so as I turned my head, the world spun like there was a tornado coming towards us.

“Mum, I forgot my futsal bag, and the worlds spinning like there’s a tornado coming, I’m really scared”, said Tom.

“It’ll be alright, Tom,” said his mum, comforting him.

As they went home and got Tom’s futsal bag, there was actually a tornado coming. Tom’s mum got scared and called Tom’s dad, who was at work.

Science Night Invitation

Dear Reader,

This year Moonee  Ponds Primary School will be hosting a science night held on Wednesday, 14th of August 2019. This years theme is ‘Destination Moon’. It is because of the 50th anniversary of the  Apollo 11 Moon Landing on July 20th, 1969. It starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm.

Please come and enjoy your experience here at the Moonee Ponds Primary School Science Night.



100 wc

Prompt: whatever has happened

As I walked to school this morning, I see this very weird guy looking at these extensive domino’s falling down. First I thought it was cardboard domino’s made from somebody. But it turns out that they were real giant domino’s because I heard these loud clanging noises as I got closer.

I look at my watch. OH NO!! I’m late for school. I run as fat as I can. I get to school on time.

I rushed to put away bag. Eventually I see my best friend Macie. She waves hi to me, but not in a happy way.


Hey Sophie,
I really liked how you put in some descriptive words and your grammar and paragraph spacing. Maybe you could work on reading over your story again because I didn’t get this part-
“What’s this?” there, . Other than that, I loved your story and it really made me imagine about it. So Well Done!


Hey Amelia,
I really loved how you described how your feet slapped the cold tiled floor and maybe you could work on putting in some punctuation that was supposed to be added in, but other than that, you hooked me in and I really enjoyed reading it.


Hey Emily,
I really liked how you added in a lot of detail and it was really imaginative. And I don’t think there is really anything to work on. So great job!


Hey Annalise,
i really liked how you told us about Michael and really hooked me in. So great work!


100 wc

prompt: …why was that hat on the table?…

I heard this rumor around our school abut this new teacher and her extremely weird/unusual hat?

My friend Ava asked our new teacher,”Why is that hat on the table?”she asked in a normal voice.

She looked really pretty but not the right person to be teaching. I glance over at my other friends in my class, they have weird faces on them too.

Finally, I decided that I need to tell the principal about that teacher, I mean she’s nice but I don’t like her style.

Turn’s out she’s not our teacher anymore.

100 wc

prompt: Rose   Scooter   Excitedly  Transparent  Late

When I heard the smell of a beautiful rose when my mum called out to me,”Are you ready for breakfast”?

“Wait 10 minutes,” I replied back.

Just then the doorbell rang. “What is it?” I shouted.

Turns out that it was a brand new scooter for my birthday.

excitedly ran down the stairs to get it when mum barged in and said, “It’s not your birthday yet, you can open it on the weekend”.

It wasn’t long until it was the weekend. My scooter was transparent, it looked so nice. But then my present from my older brothers were late again.

Week #28 (19) 100 Word Challenge

Prompt: we’re going on a planet far, far away.

Link: https://100wc.net/

“Are we going on a planet far, far away or is it just scary creatures like it’s Halloween?” Molly asked her brother Ian.

“I don’t know, is it?” he asked again.

They wanted to explore what was there, while videoing it to post it on their youtube channel. But their mum warned them that there might be alive. So the two thought about it and finally Molly made a decision, she isn’t going to explore what it s, but her brother kept whinging and saying that he and Molly had to go explore, so their mum made the final decision and said they can’t go exploring what was like 50 metres away.

Week #26 (19) prompt:… I was so cross that …

This morning, as I walked to school, I saw this new girl here. “Who is she” I thought.

So I went and put my bag away, she came up to me and said that my friend told her that I could be her friend, but she didn’t look like the right person to be friends with. So I said that she could be friends with one of my other three friends.

Then she keeps saying ‘ I want to be your friend’ so many times I was so cross that ran to a hiding spot I always go to if i’m sad.